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Introducing a revolutionary app empowering you to control your restaurant experience
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Order seamlessly from your phone

Scan the QR Code at your table and access the restaurant menu at all times.
View the restaurant menu and order in secondsDish images and descriptions help you explore new flavours.
Easily navigate through recommended items and dietary options.

Have a preference? Write a comment to the chef.

An interactive experience

you add an item, your waiter sees it your waiter adds an item, you see it

Payment in seconds

Pay the total, or split the bill with friends.

Simplify your payment and avoid the traditional 12-minute average wait.

6. blinq app Waiter Assistance

Call a waiter

No need to waste time and awkwardly hold your hand up to find a waiter anymore.
Just tap the icon and your server will come for assistance.

Connect with friends

Invite friends to your table, create your order interactively and pay through blinq.
Because food tastes better with friends.


Provide anonymous feedback about your experience, helping your favourite restaurants improve


View your previous restaurant
transactions at any moment


Receive electronic receipts, keeping you organised while helping the environment