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blinq POS

A reinvented hospitality point-of-sale system designed for supporting your everyday business operations

The blinq POS is developed for full service, fast-casual and quick service businesses.

A redesigned point of sale system built from the ground up with ease of use at its core, increasing operational efficiency while eliminating training time and costs.

Cloud based software supported by iOS enables free over the air updates, constantly improving your blinq POS.

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POS table view


through higher average transaction value, faster table turnover,  increased customer traffic and improved retention rate.


with a clean, intuitive and seamless design  making it simple to use from day one.


by simply creating and customising everything  from your menu, floor plan, staff authorisations  and many more.

Additional Features

Real-time daily revenue

Track revenue progression and item sales throughout the day right from your home screen. Set sales targets for your staff to follow. Customisable view for specific staff giving you the ability to hide financial information.

Traffic light table color indicators

Simplified table status tracking, distinguishing between available, busy and paid tables. Instantly get notified when blinq customers place a new order and pay through the app.

Customised floor plan view

Transform your physical space into your virtual platform. Adjust table sizes, numbers, and use shapes to best illustrate your restaurant architecture. Support staff training visually.

Independent dine-in, take-away and delivery view

One POS with three operating platforms. Analyse and strengthen each part of your business. Accommodates separate menu prices, tax exempt, service and delivery charges, without the need of additional inputs.

Dark mode

Convert your blinq POS to use a darker color palette for low-light environments. Experience a system-wide user interface change, suitable for your night time operations.

POS daily revenue

Fully integrated with the blinq app

changes are simultaneously updated throughout all devices

Item Countdown

Automatic countdown and out of stock items simultaneously updated throughout all apps

Staff Clock-in / out

Track time and attendance of your staff with reports accessible through the back office

Course Automation

Assign items course numbers to automate and simplify the ordering process

Increased Payment Security

Incentivise cashless transactions,
improving security

Transfer Tables

Transfer whole bill, or specific items
to another table

Cloud Based

Seemless sync throughout
all your devices

This is how much you’ll spend
in one year

*average 3-terminal restaurant

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blinq POS





Download. Customise. Use.

All in 1 day

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